We offer:


ground Works

A well-planned schedule will ensure quick completion of work . For the investment to be put into operation without delays, it’s best to make sure that the ground works were carried out by professionals. For this reason, we offer all kinds of excavation, leveling embankments and final ground shaping. In addition, we make heating connections, gas, sewerage and water supply to building plots.


road works

We carry out preparatory road works with our own professional machine park. We exchange ground instantly, deliver sand and necessary road aggregates. Making road embankments or storm water drainage is no problem for us.
We make access roads to construction sites – arranging road plates.
We pave roads, squares and sidewalks with paving stones, tiles and clinker

ekipa budowlana

construction and renovation

As part of the construction work, we offer general repairs of industrial, office and residential buildings. We are also able to lead advanced concrete works in large construction projects. We specialize in unusual and sophisticated roof design and roofing materials. Finishing houses and apartments is one of our strongest points. With a fruitful collaboration with a friendly construction wholesale we’re able to meet any challenges.


demolition and waste disposal

Complete demolition work are carried out through the dismantling of building and recycling of rubble and materials hazardous to the environment, and precise arrangement of demolition area. The scope of works includes demolition and dismantling of all types of industrial buildings along with the disposal and recycling of rubble and steel.

Projet immobilier

construction consulting

Thanks to our experience we can match every project to your financial possibilities while using the robust and durable materials. We do everything to make sure that our actions are agreed upon with the customer at every stage


Rental of construction machinery

For our clients we have a wide range of high-end equipment, which is helpful in conducting various types of construction works. To meet the needs of customers, both individual and business, we provide access to machines and equipment for work within the framework of large-scale investment and also if the customer is planning to build their own house. In our machine park, we offer clients:
– Plate compactors
– Vibratory compactors
– “Jumpers”
– Backhoe loader
– Cars dump
– Rollers
– Bulldozers
– Mini-excavators